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My name is Denise. I am the owner, and business manager. 


Over eleven years ago when Thrive began, I wanted to create something different. Today we have an exciting and thriving community which is professional, yet warm and welcoming. 

I bring a wealth of experience and personal growth from the challenges of raising five children and successfully managing a group home. Thrive has been operating since 2011. Initially comprising of just 11 offices, we seized the opportunity to expand in 2022, and we are proud to now offer 40 offices. At Thrive, my goal is to continuously adapt and meet the ever-evolving needs of our valued  clientele.


Today, Thrive Business Centre stands as a thriving, interconnected community comprising of 46 businesses and over 30 therapists, encompassing a diverse range of specialities such as psychologists, massage therapy, and chiropractic services. I firmly believe that my greatest strength lies in my genuine care and understanding for our clients. I strive to help simplify their lives, alleviate complications, and foster an environment where they feel truly comfortable and valued, rather than just a mere number. 

Thrive is a place just for you and you need to experience yourself.


I would love to have you join us and see where your business will take you as you Thrive...

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And this is...

Sabrina...  a native Calgarian who has a knack for building strong business relationships. She also has a passion in the area of health and wellness. Sabrina thrives on helping businesses succeed.


Her expertise lies in streamlining operations and implementing strategies for productivity and efficiency. As a social individual, Sabrina relishes the opportunity to establish connections with both existing and prospective tenants. 

Combining her unyielding dedication, local experience, and genuine passion, Sabrina is excited to join Thrive Business Centre. She is enthusiastic about contributing to the growth of every individual associated with Thrive, ensuring that they thrive in their respective endeavors.


We are always looking forward to meeting new people and finding opportunities. Let's connect.

TEL: 403 570 5890

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